Working While Brown : What Discrimination Looks Like Now Essay

Working While Brown : What Discrimination Looks Like Now Essay

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In the article “Working while brown: What discrimination looks like now”, by Tanzina Vega from CNN Money, it discusses the story of Monica Harwell, an African American woman who worked as a utility specialist for Con Edison. Harwell was one of the rare females in Con Edison to work outdoors as a utility specialist, and obtained the skills and credentials to work outdoors. However, Harwell faced discrimination due to her gender, and race in the work field when countless of fellow employee’s questioned, and antagonized her abilities in the work field. Harwell told CNN that many coworkers who were “predominantly male in workplace” calling her names such as “girl” or “bitch”. She filed a harassment and discrimination lawsuit. Further investigation lead to evidence of discrimination against her in the workplace due to her race and gender. CNN investigated that Harwell who wanted to be promoted to a supervisor in the company applied for the job with many credentials, Harwell had an Associates, Bachelors, and even a Master degree as well as certifications, and years of experience in the work field. She discovered that someone of a different gender and race with less qualifications of the job received the position she applied for. As a women of color, it’s very hard to get any fair treatment in the workplace or even be taken seriously. Harwell was a well-qualified applicant that worked hard, and was still denied the job as a result of her race and gender. In the work field women of color face more oppression, and challenges because of the same ideas of women being domestic servants to a man. Personally as a women of color must work harder than anyone to gain the credibility and respect I deserve. This article affects me because, many fema...

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...ield earning the same pay as middle aged people that had the option of not taking me seriously. It was hard to earn the trust of fellow employees due to my age, and being the only high schooler in my company. Managers would give me unchallenging tasks, and duties that no employers would do because they were simple and a waste of time. I had to voice my own opinion and express myself to them in order to be treated with respect as well as gain challenging tasks and more responsibilities in the workplace. Age ties into discrimination because a person cannot be taken seriously due to their age in a workplace which to me is unfair and should change.
The lesson you get from the articles is that the job field must work on their laws and regulations with discrimination. A person shall only be evaluated by their level of ability and experience and not by age, race or gender.

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