Essay on Working Towards My Cpa License

Essay on Working Towards My Cpa License

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I feel frustrated with the IRS because of its position on the PTIN number. I do not have a social security number, but I have a ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) number and I wanted to apply for a PTIN number (Preparer Tax Identification Number) to prepare income taxes. The IRS PTIN Division has been systematically denying PTIN number to ITIN holders or people without a social security number because they believe people like myself are not worthy enough to prepare taxes.

I have a BA in accounting and I am working towards my CPA license in California. I am done with my exams, I just need a year of experience. In order to do an internship with a CPA, the CPAs required me to do some tax work.
So, I research how to get the PTIN number. At the beginning, by looking at the website, the IRS offers PTIN numbers to people without a social security number for religious objections, or people who do not have a social security number and live outside the United States. I applied because I needed the PTIN number and my application was denied. According to the PTIN division, I am not allowed to work in the US. The PTIN department referred me to NAFTA, Social Security, the Immigration website.

I did more research about PTIN regulations in Treasury Decisions 9501 and the regulations seemed more ambiguous. The Treasury regulations said:
“The final regulations apply to tax return preparers regardless of United States or foreign citizenship or residency. The IRS will establish a process to obtain a PTIN for tax return preparers who do not have SSNs.”
I applied one more time citing the Treasury Regulation above, and the PTIN department denied my application for the PTIN number. The PTIN department referred me to NAFTA, Social Secur...

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...he internal revenue service has tried to pass legislation to regulate all tax preparers and Congress has denied them that right; congress believes that there is no need to regulate tax preparers. CPAs, lawyers are already regulated by their own state boards.

According to current law, anyone can do income taxes. The constitution does not prohibit someone from doing income taxes as tax preparers and congress has not acted to prohibit people without social security number or ITIN (individual taxpayer identification number) holders from doing income taxes. Therefore, the IRS position is illegal and discriminatory.

I feel frustrated because the IRS is a very powerful institution. People that work for IRS even taxpayers advocates do not want to contradict the IRS. They side with the IRS. The civil right division is my last hope. I hope you can help me with this matter.

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