Working Towards Better Children Programs in the Library Essay

Working Towards Better Children Programs in the Library Essay

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The well-being of a community is in the hands of its citizens. Together, individuals can make a difference to their existing situation and future development. As a librarian at Public Library, it is important to realize the different demographics of the community one serves. One aspect which I have felt lacking in the community is the development of the local children, in particular teenagers. The following report has been developed with the view to communicate the potential of an outreach program, “Children of Tomorrow”, for improving the occupational growth of the future generation. The plans, implementation, and promotion of the program have been outlined with the view to resolve the problems of the local community.

Community growth is an important aspect of human growth and development. It is a long-term investment which requires the participation of both the people of the community and the stakeholders such as the government administrator at large. While there are many activities, programs and social schemes which can be developed to contribute towards community growth (Kelly, 2004), none has a longer impact than the development of intellectual growth. Intellectual development as scholars believe can have a great influence over the current community growth as well as in the future (Vobora, 2008; Hage, 2004). That is why developed countries of the world emphasize on investing in community development, growth programs and advancement initiatives. In the United States of America, though the government has developed numerous national programs to improve the intellectual pool, these initiatives have to be carried out at the local community level. In this, the researcher believes, the role of a libr...

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