Essay on Working On Projects With My Peers

Essay on Working On Projects With My Peers

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The summer before I entered the sixth grade, my parents decided to pull my older sister and I out of conventional schooling and place us into a private homeschooling program for high school students. My sister was having trouble keep her grades up in junior high and they believed that the staff was not assisting her and that was the reason behind her poor performance. They also believed that should I continue on in public school, I would have the same issues, however, I had always performed well in school, my grades were an a-b average and I was rarely in trouble. While it’s true that Independent study was one of my strong points,I found that I genuinely thrived when working on projects with my peers. If I can discuss a subject with others it makes it easier for me to comprehend. I was not on board with their decision,and seeing how I was in the sixth grade at the time which would mean that I would be waiting almost three years before I was able to start the program I would have little access to a structured education. The way this specific program was set up was simple, the scho...

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