Essay on Working For The Success And The Completion Of The Argument

Essay on Working For The Success And The Completion Of The Argument

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While our first assignment was a group argument, the process was difficult at first, however, afterwards it was proved to me that it was more easy that what I had imaged it to be. Working in groups help in the development of my communication skills, however, I observed that I had many things to learn and the communication between my partners and me was truly necessary for the success and the completion of the argument. The argument was difficult to create and write, however, due to the work effort of all my partners and all their contribution to the writing of the argument it help me understand personally that we needed to work together. I would like to keep working with them, because, we have understood each other and now we have an idea of what our partner’s weaknesses and strengths are. By knowing our partners very well, the completion of our next assignment would prove to be completed faster and the trust in our partners would be outstanding. The group argument also informed our group of the expectations of this class, and, it was proved to be challenging. However, one way to make sure to pass this class is to keep on track with all the assignments, and know the exact standards to the minimal requirements for passing. To maintain this group with the same students would allow us to make our efforts entitled to the grade deserved with which efforts were placed into the completion of our assignment. Our group was not exactly outstanding, however, the completion of the minimal requirements of the assignment were meet. Therefore, our grade for the group argument was proved to be low, due to the fact of reaching the minimal requirements. In the transition of the assignment our group faced many problems, however, we overcame them wit...

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... behalf. The need to pass this class is very important, due to the fact, that the experience I am certain I will receive is very necessary for my future continuation of my education. I will also have this class as reference in the occasion that I may be struggling in college. I view in favor of this class in every aspect, because, even if I did not I do not have a say in which classes I want to take or the ones I am suppose to take. In another case, this class has help me to learn many ideas or concepts I did not know at all or that I was not very familiar with. One concept was MLA format, I was not very familiar with it, however, I now know how to use MLA format correctly. The next concept is how to write an argument, I already had a very vague idea on how to write an argument, however, the experience I gained here is more valuable that the vague idea I already had.

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