Working At The Holmstad Covenant Retirement Community Essay

Working At The Holmstad Covenant Retirement Community Essay

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Question A: I try to stay involved in the community as much as possible. These outside commitments take up a majority of my time, but they are rewarding. What takes up most of my time is working 6 days per week at a retirement home. However, I am also involved in student council, a mentorship program, and volunteering and Northern Illinois Food Bank. All of these commitments, on top of the AP classes I take can be stressful at times, but I am a hard worker and enjoy the challenge.
Working at the Holmstad Covenant Retirement Community has been a valuable learning experience. I am a server Soaking up the different cultures and generational differences between the residents and our generation is astonishing. They always say a prayer before eating, wait until everybody gets their food before eating, and use proper language and manners. Working 6 days per week and usually 8 hour shifts on Sundays can be pretty stressful. However, I enjoy the experience of making the residents’ lives better each day. The smile on their faces after hearing a funny joke or a compliment is priceless in my opinion. It means a lot when I receive a compliment from a resident to see my hard work pay off. This job has taught me valuable time management skills. Serving up to five tables at once requires me to multi task and allocate my time, which are valuable skills for the future. Balancing my long work hours with the amount of AP classes I take in school takes plenty of hard work and focus. It has helped me prepare for the rigorous work I’m prepared for during and after college.
During my one day off, I spend my time on my mentorship program. I help a second named Landon with his school work and personal problems. My goal is to motivat...

... middle of paper ... a strong impact on the world. I know this is cliche, but we do only live once. I want to look back on my life and say I made this world a better place. In order to make the world a better place, someone has to become successful. That is why I basically live in the library after work. I want to gain as much knowledge as I can before college and eventually my career. I do not want to be known as just another human. I people to know me for making their lives truly better. Whether this is through donating to charity, volunteering somewhere, or just making someone smile. I would love to be rich enough to donate mass sums of money to charity. In order to achieve the greatness I am striving for, I know it will require plenty of hard work. This is why I am applying to Illinois State’s Honor’s program because I do not want to be known as a normal student.

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