Working At Subway : White Collar Jobs Essay

Working At Subway : White Collar Jobs Essay

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In the United States many people have misconceptions as to the work people in blue collar jobs do versus those who are employed in white collar jobs. Blue collar jobs are not shown the appreciation and respect they deserve because people feel that anyone can perform those jobs. White collar jobs require people to have an educational background with degrees, certificates and years of experience. On the other hand, blue collar jobs sometimes do not have many requirements and some even accept people without a high school education. Every job whether it is a blue collar or white collar deserves respect and appreciation because they each require their own set of skills. Low wage paying jobs such as fast food work has intellectual demands. Working at Subway eat fresh may seem to most people like a job that does not require intelligence, but it does. From personal experience, I know that working at Subway requires intelligence because in order to be an efficient worker there are skills that are needed to help enhance productivity and performance such as intuition, innovations, preparation and execution.
The first day at Subway felt just like the first day of school. As I made my way to the manager, my heart beat faster and faster and my legs were shaking. I was nervous because it was my first job and I had only one week to prove to the manager that I was an efficient and quick learner. As described in the essay “Blue-Collar Brilliance” by Mike Rose, “work related skills become routine with experience but every action in a job is learned at one point from first hand experience, observation and even training from co-workers” (279). The skills that are now routines for me were at some point skills that I had to acquire. My first day of wor...

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...didn’t finish college then they must be stupid. But that’s not the case. People go through different situations in their lives. Some people don’t have the opportunity to finish school even if they wanted to. And others waste the opportunity to finish school but that doesn’t mean they’re stupid. Adults also have to stop telling teenagers that if they don’t finish college they will end up at McDonalds. By saying this type of things, adults are assuming that people at McDonalds are dumb. We shouldn’t underestimate any work that doesn’t require a degree because every job requires of a person 's intelligence to perform the job correctly. People should start giving blue collar workers more credit because after all they are part of the economic system. Blue collar workers deserve more credit and more appreciation for all the things they do to keep other people’s life going.

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