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Working At A Health Care Facility Essay

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When working at a health care facility as a health care member, is it important to provide safety of all patients. Some patients may need extra attention than others, because they susceptible to get injured. Patients with dementia should be concerned, because that is one of the factors that identify that the patient is at risk of falls or injury. Sometimes, the harm can influence other patients at the same time. As a nurse, I would want to prevent harm and provide safety as much as possible.
I am a night shift nurse caring for a 79-year-old patient who was recently admitted. He is diagnosed with dementia. He is ambulatory and has no limitation in terms of gait, standing, and transfer. Whenever the patient is awake, he always wander around and often tries to enter the rooms of other patients. He sleeps during the day and is awake at night most of the time. There are so many factors that give the patient significant threat. Since the patient is admitted to the hospital not long ago, the place is unfamiliar for him, and this can be prone to falling (Taylor, Lillis, Lynn, & LeMone, 2015, p. 690). If the patient enter the rooms of other patients, he will be disturbing other patients. Therefore, I need to prevent him from entering other rooms for his own safety and the safety of others but still allow him to wander within acceptable limitations.
There are many factors that indicate the patient is at risk for falls, because there has been many researches that why patients with dementia are at risk for falls. From an article written by Jane Tilly, DrPH and Peter Reed, PhD, who are members of Alzheimer’s Association explained, “Falls and unsafe wandering are two consequences of dementia that have led to use of physical restraints in a mi...

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...lity for mobility and note changes. Not only it will help to establish a plan of care, identifying problems can prevent falls in the future by the same problem that has been progressed (Vera, 2016).
Most patients with dementia are most likely in risk for falls or injury, and it is nurse’s responsibility to assess problems and prevent potential injuries and falls. There are many risk factors that indicate the patient is in risk for falls, and Hendrich fall risk model is a great tool to use in order to identify. Also, there are many nursing interventions that nurses can use to prevent any kind of additional problems for their patients. The wanted audience for this paper are nursing students. The information in the paper is to show the students what to expect from patients with dementia and what they can do to ensure safety of the patient and prevent potential problems.

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