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Working As A Social Work Practitioner Essay examples

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Working as a social work practitioner there are many tools for many different clients which a social worker can utilize, with different tools having different relevance and merit to the client. These tools are usually theories, frameworks and counselling skills, the tools also include aspects outside of skills and rely on crafted professional knowledge and practice which include, emotional and/or self-control and difference competence. Bias and opinions can and are disastrous to professional and competent social work, as they can cause whether positive or negative bias; discrimination, ignorance, offence and intimidation. Social work is determined competent and professional within the balance of usefulness to the client, following organisational policy and procedures and adhering to legislation, which can be compromised by bias. Social workers will come across clients who are experiencing issues to do with bias and opinions of others offending or discrimination against them due to difference or disadvantage. Different sexualities have received much discrimination in the past and currently in the present and they may experience such discrimination or offence from stranger’s, colleagues, peers, professionals and loved ones. Social workers must not only be professional, with tools and competencies at their disposal but also knowledge of such issues including personal and professional dilemmas, but also a plan or strategy to work with the client with the issue in which their sexuality has been include, without offence or incompetence.
When working with clients who are of non-heterosexuality who have come for assistance regardless of their sexuality, a professional must remain clam, respectful and knowledgeable. Tools such as anti...

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...outh to deal effectively with the friend in collaboration with what they learnt from narrative approach (Long, 2015; Gardner, 2014; Frost, 2011). When working with a client who has experienced and is a part of a demographic which commonly experiences it, flowing with the client is critical as what language they use and their contexts are incredibly powerful, same with their values, experience’s and attitudes, as a misused word or poorly phrased sentence can be powerful. Preventing further alienation and continuing to promote empowerment a social worker needs to fully aware and sensitive (Long, 2015). Empowering a client and preventing further offence is most successful with a flexible plan to work with the client with key aspects which can easily adapt and work with the client, these aspects can include the social workers choice of tools, behaviours and language.

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