Essay Working As A Server At A Beautiful Italian Restaurant

Essay Working As A Server At A Beautiful Italian Restaurant

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While working as a server at a beautiful Italian restaurant you start your normal routine with a new table. After taking their complete order, their food is ready, and it is finally time to serve them. You ask them if they want freshly grated parmesan cheese and as your grating the cheese, you poor the cheese in their lap instead of their food. It was a completely an accident that you apologized for right away. This example, would be considered a mistakes, which are unavoidable at times. As an employer it is easy to move past simple mistakes that employees will make, but vindictively making choices that are unacceptable for the company cannot go overlooked. In fact, an employer always has the right to let an employee go, that goes against company policy or takes matters into their own hand. When working with any organization all employees need to know that certain poor behaviors will be punished and that there may even be further repercussions for their actions.
Employers are very much aware that employees are not perfect nor will they ever be and will make mistakes along the way, but it is what degree your mistake is considered in the eyes of your employer that may cost your job. Employers have the responsibility to uphold all of their organizations policies, which includes how employees act both at work and for some even when they are not at work. For example, if you worked as a contractor for the government and needed to hold a secret clearance for that particular job, but over the weekend you were caught driving while under the influence of alcohol, that could potentially affect your clearance status. What would that mean for your job status? As far as your government contract is concerned, they have the power to...

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...ds on punishment and their future with that organization. When it comes to substance abuse, employers may not have a choice, but to terminate that employee, if that employee holds a security clearance. The employer should care enough, to allow that person to get the help that need for recovery. Even though, cyber bullying is very serious, if the employee takes the right steps to prove that they will not do it again, an employer may be able to simply punish the employee. One the other hand, sexual harassment is the fastest way for termination and can never go ignored. Harassment has to be viewed as a problem that hurts more than just the people involved but the company as a whole. Employers have to make a lot of complicated decisions when it comes to the behavior of their employees, but it is their obligation to make sure that company values are being upheld.

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