Working As A Nurse For A Psychiatric Facility Essay examples

Working As A Nurse For A Psychiatric Facility Essay examples

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Working as a nurse in a psychiatric facility I see many conflicts on a daily basis that need resolved. Not all of them are life or death, most are pretty mundane, but nonetheless I must utilize some form of conflict management to resolve the situation. There are three types of conflict that are dealt with; staff versus staff, staff versus patient and patient versus patient. Sometimes the staff difference in thinking is the most difficult to be resolved since we all learn the same information but apply it differently. The hospital provides us with a class (NAPPI- Non-Abusive Psychological and Physical Intervention) that teaches conflict resolution techniques to use with the patients. This is the area I will explore to see if there are better or more options to utilize.
According to the Thomas-Killman Conflict Mode Index there are 5 strategies for conflict resolution; they are collaborating, competing, accommodating, compromising, and avoiding (cite 3). Every conflict, from intrapersonal to global, will fall into one of these resolutions. The NAPPI model utilizes three of them the most: collaborating, compromising and competing. The accommodating and avoiding strategies do not work so well in my field, at least with patients.
Collaborating combines ideas from multiple people for a common solution, compromising is both sides giving up something from their position for an acceptable solution, competing is a one side wins solution, accommodating is a giving what the other side wants solution, and avoiding is ignoring the conflict and hope it resolves itself.(cite 2). Avoiding a conflict and hoping it resolves itself is not a feasible solution in my line of work, it is asking for more conflicts or problems to arise. Accom...

... middle of paper ... their anger back down and starts to yell at me, I would compromise with them stating I will leave them alone if they can do an activity by themselves to calm down. Usually that is reciprocated with choice four letter words at which point the patient has no option but to do what I want them to do to calm down. This can range from going to their room to be alone until they’re calm to receiving medication to help alleviate the problem. When a person is in a psychotic state of mind it is difficult for them to make decisions that are best for them so the staff will have to make the decision for them. The patient doesn’t always like the decision made for them and that is when it gets physical. Surprisingly, most of the patients, when the medications have worked and they are feeling better, will thank us for making the choice for them to get medication to help them.

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