Essay on Working As A Health Care Provider

Essay on Working As A Health Care Provider

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Working as a health care provider in the Wellington area for over nine years, I noticed an increase of older residents in our area and also noticed we do not offer high quality skilled nursing services in the Wellington community. Currently in the Wellington area there has been a 30% percent increase of elder residents that moved from New York, New Jersey and Canada that are in need of high quality of care less than 20 minutes away. To meet the need of our growing population of elder residents in our community I will be opening up a skilled nursing facility called “We Care” located in the Wellington area.
“We Care” Skilled nursing facility will be a 17,000 square foot facility located in the beautiful city of Wellington, Florida. We will be less than 5 minutes away from our two major hospitals which are Wellington Regional and Palms West Hospital and ten minutes away from shopping centers, restaurants and beaches. “We Care” will be licensed by the State’s Department of Health Services and will follow state’s regulations and inspection requirements. “We Care” will offer rehabilitation services, post-hospital and post-surgical care, 24 hour nursing care, individual care plans, medication administration, nutritious services, wound care management, medical supplies and durable medical equipment during stay, speech-language pathology services, transportation, social services, counseling, laundry and housekeeping services to adults in need of care for more than 30 days and individuals 65 and older that are injured, sick and disabled.
Besides these services our center will offer a more intimate homemade model that has private rooms with a kitchen, bathroom and semi-private rooms for residents that want a roommate, have a bathroom and s...

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...s important that "We Care skilled nursing facility have a significant cash reserve on hand prior to commencing operations. “We Care” may take 6 to 12 months to fill occupancy, the financial projections assume excess staff will be employed from the first day of operations. As the facility fills and stabilizes its income and expenses, it begins cash flow and rebuild its cash reserved. By the 12 month of operations the business should begin generating real income even after debt service payments, within our five year projection our company should continue to grow which will help us in repaying the loan back to the bank. These financial statements will show that "We Care" skilled nursing facility will benefit from a $350,000 loan. As well as project operation, analysis of employee wages, employee costs, taxes, benefits, revenues, expenses, and cash flow of our facility

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