Essay about Working And Studying At Georgia State University

Essay about Working And Studying At Georgia State University

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Working and studying at Georgia State University, Perimeter College has changed my outlook for the better in so many aspects. When I started college, late and halfway through the semester, my views on life and school were mediocre at best. It seemed, at the time, the only logical explanation was because I was dissatisfied and desperately discontent with my life. Under these circumstances, I entered Student Life. From then, it was like there was no other place I could have ever belonged.
November 21, 2015 was the first day I started my involvement as a student worker. Things started slow but rapidly increased at a pace I did not know I could pick up. I became a more efficient and organized individual that did each task with the utmost concern, like it was the first thing I did that day with new eyes and fresh energy. Due to my confidence and skill, I quickly gained the trust of my supervisors, although I had only been working in the office a total of a few weeks.
Thus, this led to my advancement in developing my leadership skills as well as taking on more and heavier responsibilities. Furthermore, my increasing ambition drove me further. I became a new person; an upgrade of my current self. I was studying hard, maintaining a majority of A grades, and took on the leadership role of becoming a chair member of Jaguar Activity Group, Perimeter College’s campus programming board, on top of my student worker responsibilities. Each and every circumstance I have faced has been a rewarding experience thus far. Some days the stress of maintaining a high GPA and two jobs have taken its toll, but I believe I am building character from my surrounding. No one can be expected to be perfect and I have the greatest support circle to remind me lik...

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...We all want our opinion to be heard. Overcoming this obstacle and making sure everyone is satisfied is the responsibility of someone who can take an unbiased middle ground to make everyone cooperate. Everything that has been given to me so far has built me up to that person who can manage a cooperative group, who can make even the hot-cold dispositions of my co-leaders to make individuals not into just a group but a team.
My goals in life are high. I want to continue on to graduate school and eventually achieve a doctorate as well. Being so heavily involved in extracurriculars that provide the advantages of being in a position of management truly help progress my character and learn necessary skills to one day become a good leader, teacher, and employee. I wish to continue on this journey wherever I go after Perimeter College by involving myself in a similar fashion.

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