Essay on The Workers And Willing Employers Act

Essay on The Workers And Willing Employers Act

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The “Willing Workers and Willing Employers Act”, proposed by Senator Flake, is a unique approach to addressing U.S. immigration policy. Most undocumented persons migrate to the United States seeking work opportunities, attempting to get higher wages than those offered in their home country1. This proposed policy would attempt to achieve the goals of providing job opportunities for immigrants, filling labor gaps for employers, while at the same time greatly reducing illegal immigration the United States. The E-Verify mandate of the proposed policy would ensure that any employer who participates in the program will only hire legal employees or hire through the program. The guest worker aspect of the program allows for legal employment of willing immigrants who don 't have college education, but wish to do more than agricultural jobs- a group of people that are often forgotten in U.S. immigration policy.
With close to 12 million undocumented people currently living in the United States8, it is clear that there is a real problem with our immigration policies. The overarching goal of this policy is to try to fix that. It is most likely impossible to deport or disregard these 12 million people, rather this policy can work to address their issues. By enacting this policy, we will not only lessen the strain at our borders by reducing more illegal immigration by providing a a real path to the U.S. for employment, but we may also begin to address the needs of the 12 million already in the country. This policy works to provide immigrants a legal mean to gain U.S. employment and as a result can decrease the rate of illegal immigration drastically, while also filling the employment gap in the U.S.
The E-verify mandate is intended to prot...

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...uch as the proposed policy, are exempt from many taxes that contribute to many social welfare programs. An increase in legalized immigrants may decrease funds that are crucial for entitlement programs. Also, this policy is just a drop in the bucket of the bigger issue, providing only 85,000 visas per year when 12 million undocumented people live in the U.S. By enacting this policy, we may actually see the loss of political capital for the issue of immigration. When big controversial issue policies are passed, such as the proposed policy, it becomes very hard to address the issue for a while again as a result of the loss of political capital or political will9. This policy may have no significant impact, good or bad, because of its small target size of those affected by it- and by enacting this policy, the likelihood of passing another one in the near future is low.

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