The Worker At The Centre Can Help Athena And Jacob Identify Their Concerns By Giving Give Them An Opportunity

The Worker At The Centre Can Help Athena And Jacob Identify Their Concerns By Giving Give Them An Opportunity

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The worker at the centre can help Athena and Jacob identify their concerns by giving them an opportunity to choose options and actions to meet their needs, an opportunity to ask questions,
provide them with information about what their options are and about the likely consequences of each option and give them an opportunity to talk through their concerns and work out their priorities.

Set intake procedures where information is collected from new clients, recorded and analysed or is used to develops service plans. Case notes, observations and medical notes will also contain information that should be recorded. All of the information collected will be analysed to determine a client’s state of health, long and short term needs and their goals and objectives.
Every organisation as a different procedure for collecting and analysing information.
the worker can provide Athena and Jacob a variety of information including written information such as broachers, leaflets and other documents. The information that Athena and Jacob may want about options and services that can be provided to them could be things such as the workers role, skills and competencies, the accessibility and location of the service, costs and chargers for the service, eligibility criteria, the values base of the organisation, organisational policies, especially those relating to areas such as clients rights and responsibilities, service standards, complaints and grievances, confidentiality and privacy.
There are several indicators of harm, neglect, abuse or risks of harm. Athena has been experiencing panic attacks and bouts of depression and also has regular nightmares about her past experiences. Jacob would rather spend his money on drinking alcohol every Frid...

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...enable them to work out their finances. There is also a doctor who attends the centre. This will benefit Selma as her health gets worse. The centre is also able to make referrals to other organisations such as to local health services, counselling, domestic and family violence services for the Athena, Jacob and their children. They will also need to be referred to AOD services and programs for Jacob and the family could greatly benefit from being referred to a migrant resource services all of which this community centre has links to.
The health and safety legislation, duty of care legislation and the privacy legislation all apply in this situation. The health and safety legislation requires that a worker must provide a safe, secure and stress free environment as much as possible. The workers duty of care which applies when the actions of one person affect another.

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