Essay on Workaholism And Its Effects On The World

Essay on Workaholism And Its Effects On The World

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Tobiasz Fic
Mrs. Headley
8 December 2015
Workaholism and Its Effects
Since the world is now fully developed to the point where people do not need to worry about their own survival, new problems arise. There are now modern conflicts, such as cancer, pesticides in the food and water, lack of sleep, and unusual addictions like workaholism. With the new world depending on how much money an individual makes, some men and women fall into an obsession with their career. This process is called workaholism, or simply an addiction to work. Workaholics often are not aware they are addicted to their job, or do not want to talk about it. However with workaholism rates rising, society needs to be aware of all the trouble this wolf in a sheep 's costume can cause. Although an addiction to work may seem harmless and innocent, just like smoking did back in the 1800 's, scientists have discovered links between a person 's work life, their mental and/or physical health and social life (Matsudaira).
Understanding the whole process of workaholism is extremely complicated and difficult, as an addiction to working does not seem natural, because people are naturally passive. Motivation for this strange illness is the modern obsession, money. Workaholics are afraid that with the economy looking as it is, if they do not work hard enough, they will be the first to go (Osterweil). Also, people are vulnerable to what they see on social media and on television. The society sees workaholics as ambitious hard workers and entrepreneurs. Billionaires like Bill Gates and Donald Trump are seen as idols and examples to follow.
The difference between being a workaholic and just being a hard worker is quite thin and incomprehensible, but some scientists have come ...

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...he society needs to be aware of it.
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