Work With Freedom Of Fashion Essay

Work With Freedom Of Fashion Essay

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Work with Freedom in Fashion

Free People Apparel is an American retail business brand targeting women exhibiting fashion, art, music and travel. They are a lifestyle brand that offers high-quality clothing apparel, accessories, shoes, swimwear, beauty products and more.
Free People Apparel a subsidized company of Urban Outfitters Incorporated. It was founded in the early 1970s by Dick Hayne and his first wife, Judy Wicks. The first store was in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and they named it “Free People”.
Today, this brand has more than 100 branches in US and Canada. Furthermore, over 1,400 boutiques worldwide. They mainly focus on Bohemian style that highlights up to date trends, as well as vintage garments. Thus, all embodying femininity spirit and ingenuity in all of their designs.
This company offers all-inclusive benefits package such as medical assistance and future savings for qualified employees. Labor employees like store clerks, janitors, etc. will receive better benefits such as paid sick leave and dental insurance.
All associates are entitled to superb discounts on Free People Apparel’s products. Employees are also subject to performance-based bonuses and service rewards. Moreover, they can also enjoy flexible scheduling and stress-free work environment.
The minimum age requirement of this company is at least 18 years old. The company even offers an internship program for college students. Hence, even young undergraduates are qualified.
The company offers a Store Manager position in a boutique. He/she should drive a goal oriented team. The vital purpose is to do all the processes such as sto...

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.... They should show deep affection for the brand. Consequently, the interviewer should see if they understand the aesthetic of the products.
Free People Apparel has a deep and passionate culture that translates into their employees, ambiance, and their products. They promote this culture by hiring high-quality employees with a vibrant personality.
They do conduct fashion shows several times a year. They even do a festival of fashion in the Desert of California annually, the well-known Coachella Music Festival.
Free people Apparel is known for its unique aesthetic through the years. Hence, women have been embodying class since 1984 with the brand’s Bohemian catalog.
The company conducts social events every once in a while. They chiefly do gatherings in line with their Bohemian motif, bringing the brand close to girls worldwide.

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