The Work Sampling System Is Based Off Teachers Essay

The Work Sampling System Is Based Off Teachers Essay

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The work sampling system plays an integral part in many teachers’ assessments of their students. The work sampling system is based off teachers’ observations of their students through problem solving, classroom interaction, classroom learning, and creating. It is an authentic performance assessment because everything you collect on a student is their authentic work, and cannot be recreated. The system can be used in pre kindergarten through fifth grade. The system also uses three interrelated parts, those parts being developmental guidelines and checklists, portfolios and summary reports. Those three elements focus on the classroom and reflect objectives and guidelines from the state and national levels, as well as from the teacher’s own objectives for that student. Work sampling is an ongoing documentation and evaluation process designed to improve the teacher 's instructional practices and student learning.
The first interrelated part of work sampling is the developmental guidelines and checklists. Checklists provide a list of activities and expectations that are developmentally appropriate and that are centered on the learner. The checklists normally cover all the major areas of curriculum. Those areas can differ form grade to grade. The performance indicators in the checklists should come from state and national curriculum standards. The teacher should also include their own objectives or expectations in the checklists. Now with every checklist area there should be a detailed developmental guideline that breaks down each area and explains why this area is significant to a child’s development. The guidelines really help with inter-observer reliability. Any teacher should be able to enter a classroom and come ...

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...rk sampling is to get your parents on board with it. Some parents do prefer regular report cards, but showing them how effective and beneficial the work sampling system is key. Most parents do believe that the WSS is beneficial and want their children to continue participating in classrooms that use the work sampling system. The other upside that parents need to see is that WSS positively affects test scores. Parents also really enjoy the fact that the WSS shows what the child can do versus what the child can’t do. In the end the WSS demonstrates high validity and reliability because the best way to improve a child’s performance is to teach them not test them and to teach them how to self evaluate. Students will eventually begin to question whether or not their work is portfolio quality, and if it’s not maybe they should try a little bit harder to get it there.

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