Work over Family: Good or Bad?

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At times jobs are keeping parents away from families. In the articles,” Double Daddy”, by Penny Parker,” Diary of a Mad Blender”, by Sue Shellenburger, and The Childs view of Working Parents” by Cora Daniels and Ellen Galinksy, the writers informs us that parents struggle to balance the responsibilities of work and families. While integrating time to an efficient expense of equality time spent with family, through goals, obligations and priorities. The main thing that all 3 of the authors revels is priorities/struggles, goals, and balancing responsibilities. Balancing responsibilities, goals, and a personal life is a struggle for many people, but the most important priorities in life, such as family, should not be neglected. Struggles are very common in work and families, in the article “Double Daddy” by Penny Parker. The author states that” parents struggles between the responsibilities of work and families.” Parents are struggling trying to balance work with family because the companies puts too much work on their employees. That the parents do not have time for family but they ...

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