Essay on The Work Of Michelangelo 's Art

Essay on The Work Of Michelangelo 's Art

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French sculptor Auguste Rodin was born in Paris in 1840. Rodin is considered the forerunner of modern sculpting; however, he was trained in traditional art styles, and never set out to become a prominent modern sculptor. There has been much debate on the modernism of Rodin’s art. While painting was becoming a more modern art, sculpting was lagging behind; however, Rodin was one of the only sculptors who was considered to be intriguing. In 1875, Rodin traveled to Italy in order to examine closely the work of Michelangelo. The work of Michelangelo would have a large impact on the works that Rodin would produce after 1875; one of the first and most notable works for Rodin was The Age of Bronze. Rodin was able to be a catalyst for modernizing sculpting by moving on from traditional styles and ideas, studying the work of Michelangelo, and by using his new style in his art to create something that had not been done before.
It has been argued that Rodin’s sculptures were not truly modernized, but that he was just doing things differently at a time when art, painting in particular, was modernizing but scultping was falling behind. In an article that takes a look at the modernism of Rodin’s work, it is stated that, “Some saw the Age of Bronze as merely one more academic nude, and his subsequent exploration of the expressivity of the human form has been dismissed as little more than pandering to melodrama and sentiment… literature on the sculptor caricatured nineteenth-century sculpture as a wasteland in which Rodin was the solitary oasis, and he was often held up as the only sculptor of any interest comparable to the rapid advances of modern painting” (Getsy 132). Rodin’s work was not interesting simply because he was the only “interesting...

... middle of paper ... Rodin that moved sculpting into the modern era, but it was the style that he turned to later in his career that really changed how sculptors worked and how others viewed sculpting.
Auguste Rodin was an innovative sculptor that proppeled sculpting into the modern era and did it by casting out old styles and traditional approaches. The Age of Bronze was Rodin’s first work that really provoked the thoughts of sculpting moving toward modernization. With The Age of Bronze in 1876, Rodin was able to showcase the begginings of his newfound style and approach that he would use for the rest of his career. Rodin was a facilitator for modernizing sculpting because he went away from traditional styles and ideas, committed to looking at the work of Michelangelo like no one had before, and used his new style in his art to create sculptures in a way that no one had done before.

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