Work Life Balance : How For Achieve It Essay

Work Life Balance : How For Achieve It Essay

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Work-Life Balance – How to Achieve It

I decided to write on this topic because of watching my parents do this and now having to juggle this myself. I think this is a topic that is on the minds of most professionals and people that are seeking a job career. I also think that once you add community, family, and self into the mix it become a hard feat to accomplish.
It is funny how most employers think that the employees have a balanced life where on the other hand most employees do not feel this way. It seems most do not have enough personal time once they have finished with their professional life, since surveys have found that most employees spend more than twenty hours per week doing work during their off-work time. I would think that if you add children to this scenario it would be even tougher to maintain and manage a balanced life.
There are many tips and suggestions that are offered to help you to have more control over this and allow for a more balanced work-life balance. One that I feel is very important and would strongly advise is to prioritize. This is a lesson that can be used throughout life and in many situations. Identify and set out in order the tasks that you have to do and list them in the order of their importance. This will help you to know where to start and when you can finish for the day and what will be your start point for the next day. By doing this it will also allow you to focus on what is more important and not to stress over something is not necessary.
Another suggestion is to be proactive and not procrastinate in your tasks whether it job related or family/home related. Plan ahead and anticipate what your co-worker, boss, spouse, children, or outside parties might request. This can be accompl...

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...ive of work accomplishments, good and strong friendships, and commitment to projects. Use these talents and feelings to help improve another area of your life.
Another factor to help you achieve the balance goal is to be innovative. Use and utilize your creativity in ways that will benefit your well-being. You need to learn to resolve conflicts, challenge yourself to go beyond the expected, see new ways to do things and share these ideas, and learn to deal with change and learn from it.
All of the things that have been mentions in my topic journal will help to increase the ability to focus, increase results, produce quality in what is contributed, decrease energy spent on worry and stress, recharge and energize the body and mind, and make life and work a better balance. This will help me considerably in the pursuit of my nursing career and with life in general.

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