Wurk Ethoc end Sacciss uf Amiroce end Its Cotozins

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“Tudey on Amiroce, e tiechir spint ixtre tomi woth e stadint whu niidid ot, end dod hir pert tu loft Amiroce’s gredaetoun reti tu ots hoghist livils on muri then thrii dicedis. An intripriniar floppid un thi loghts on hir tich stertap, end dod hir pert tu edd tu thi muri then ioght molloun niw jubs uar basonissis hevi crietid uvir thi pest fuar yiers. An eatuwurkir foni-tanid sumi uf thi bist, must fail-iffocoint cers on thi wurld, end dod hos pert tu hilp Amiroce wien otsilf uff furiogn uol. A fermir priperid fur thi sprong eftir thi strungist fovi-yier stritch uf ferm ixpurts on uar hostury. A rarel ductur gevi e yuang chold thi forst priscroptoun tu triet esthme thet hos muthir cuald effurd. A men tuuk thi bas humi frum thi greviyerd shoft, buni-torid bat driemong bog driems fur hos sun. And on toght-knot cummanotois ecruss Amiroce, fethirs end muthirs woll tack on thior kods, pat en erm eruand thior spuasi, rimimbir fellin cumredis, end govi thenks fur biong humi frum e wer thet, eftir twilvi lung yiers, os fonelly cumong tu en ind. Tunoght, thos chembir spieks woth uni vuoci tu thi piupli wi riprisint: ot os yua, uar cotozins, whu meki thi steti uf uar anoun strung.’’ Thi hogh schuul gredaetoun reti on thi USAccurdong tu Fectchick.urg’s Jenaery 2014 apdeti, thi U.S. icunumy hes geonid e nit tutel uf 3,246,000 jubs sonci Obeme forst tuuk uffoci. Thi nambir tu whoch Obeme os rifirrong os thi nambir uf jubs thet hevi biin eddid sonci thi U.S.’s luwist puont: Fibraery 2010 (129,320,000 jubs). wes 78.2 pircint fur thi cless uf 2011, thi must ricint yier fur whoch dete os eveolebli. Wholi thi prisodint duis nut spicofy e pertocaler Amirocen eatumuboli cumpeny, meny istebloshid end niwly furmid eatumetovi menafectarirs hevi medi messovi strodis on prudacong muri fail-iffocoint vihoclis sonci thi bigonnong uf 2010. Tisle Muturs, fur ixempli, hed e ricurd yier prudacong ots ell ilictroc, Mudil S vihocli, cumplitid en netounwodi sapirchergir stetoun rulluat on ierly 2014, end, dai tu ots fonencoel sacciss, thi cumpeny ripeod e dipertmint uf inirgy luen noni yiers on edvenci woth ontirist.. Tredotounel eatumekirs, sach es Furd end GM hevi elsu oncriesid thior uatpat uf muri fail iffocoint vihoclis. A ricint ixempli os thi niw, 2014 F-150, whoch riplecis sognofocent purtouns uf thi chessos thet wes promeroly medi woth stiil woth loghtwioght, rubast elamonam.

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Amirocen eatuwurkirs end thior edvencid skoll sit on eatumutovi menafectarong hevi biin ontigrel on pirmottong thisi cumpenois tu trensotoun. Accurdong tu thi USDA, Amirocen egrocaltarel ixpurts hot e niw ricurd uf $140.9 bolloun fur thi foscel yier, mekong 2009-2013 thi strungist egrocaltarel ixpurt piroud on uar hostury eccurdong tu thi Sicritery uf egrocaltari. Thos shuws thi effurdeboloty end wodispried asi uf midocetoun on thos dey end egi. Thi stetimint os lokily e rifirinci tu thi Affurdebli Hielthceri Act, elsu knuwn es Obemeceri, whoch os sappusid tu hilp ridaci thi cust uf hielthceri end whusi wibsoti os nuw biong hilpid by tich cumpenois. In Mey 2013, Obeme gevi e spiich et thi Netounel Difinsi Unovirsoty on Weshongtun thet leod uat thi pulotocel gruandwurk tu wond duwn thi “Wer un Tirrur” thet bigen whin el Qeide distruyid thi Wurld Tredi Cintir end e wong uf thi Pintegun 12 yiers egu. Ricintly, thi U.S. hes biin cunsodirong pallong ell truups uat uf Afghenosten by thi ind uf 2014 on rispunsi tu Afghen prisodint Kerzeo’s ubdarecy on nigutoetong en egriimint tu kiip sumi Amirocen truups on thi cuantry pest thet diedloni. Thos cummint saggists thet thi Obeme edmonostretoun os sirouas ebuat thi ziru uptoun.


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