The Work Atmosphere Of The Universities And Ks Essay

The Work Atmosphere Of The Universities And Ks Essay

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Researches relating to the universities and KS mostly emphasize on the matter that the working atmosphere of the universities are different, that other institutes in various ways and the picture of different aspects resulting out of knowledge management(KM) and KS. Towards designing the KM strategies or more precisely in pursuing to promote and facilitate the provision of KS, accommodating the positive environment and culture in the organization has been identified as the main important subject matter by many commentators.9, 10Mostofa11 revealed that, initial overall benefits from the early stage of KS among female students of Khulna University in Bangladesh, were encouraging. The findings of that study also showed that, the existing culture of KS and factors of KS, do not depend on technology alone. In addition to that, that educational qualification is closely connected with the purposes of KS. In another study done by Liebowitz,12 argued that, existing trend of the organization should be appreciated and accommodated for every initiated KM plan. Specific characteristic of sharing of knowledge has been discussed by plenty of commentators in their range of research articles. However, a relatively small number of researches have been performed in the field of knowledge sharing itself and other effective factors of knowledge sharing. This article intends to make a contribution towards making clear understanding of KS in present day’s Universities from student’s point of view and discussing affecting factors of KS.

KS has been explained by Hansen13 as a process of receiving and providing information, giving feedback after experiencing the use of technology and product by the staffs. KS is the most influential factors comparable to o...

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...atly influenced by the perception of trust, in more clear term; they believe from the reliability point of view that sharing contexts are somehow worthy.28,25,29, It can be said from the above mentioned assertion that, the students are only willing to share knowledge after giving due concern whether others will take benefit out of the content or misuse it. Moreover, some previous studies showed that the willingness of sharing knowledge is depended upon that person’s perception of information resources and the knowledge of different context rather than gaining any immediate reward or feedback. 33 Roknuzzaman34 said in his recent study that, the users of the Dhaka university library possessed positive perception and attitude towards the concept of KS. They shared various knowledge related to their study, current issues, including social, political and cultural affairs.

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