Work At The Los Alamos National Laboratory Essay

Work At The Los Alamos National Laboratory Essay

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To Survive the “Perfect” Job
In order to be successful in the unhappiest job you must be patient, a postive attitude and to remind yourself of the goals one has. People today base their career choice on the amount of money they will be making to support themselves and their family. Like Smith’s says in the her reading, “Being able to control what you do and how much money you make are key happiness factors,” More likely they will end up in a job they dislike and only stay in that job for the money. I know many of those people today that work at the Los Alamos National Laboratory as students. Many of them say they hate the job but the pay is good, which is the only reason I see for them to put themselves into misery. To learn to deal with an unhappy job to be successful in life, you are the only person that has to be motivated to get yourself in a better career.
Jacquelyn Smith in “The Happiest and Unhappiest Jobs in America” she uses to get the information on which are the happiest and unhappiest jobs. In this case the happiest job according to Smith, are real estate agents. The reason for this is they control what they do at work as their daily routine. Real estate agents are also “fairly content with their boss.” The other happiest jobs are to be senior sales representatives and assurance engineer. Associate attorneys are the ones to have the unhappiest job. Associate attorneys put in many hours and it takes several years to rise to the same rank as their partner. Customer service and marketing coordinators also fall in the category of the unhappiest jobs in America.
I work at restaurant named Rancho de Chimayo, I’m a hostess and a waitress on weekends. I believe it’s not the worst job but at times I feel lik...

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...ay, it will. A positive attitude is also a chain reaction, which causes your co-workers to have a positive attitude. This can most defiantly improve the working environment with everyone’s positive attitudes. Must think positive in order to deal with an unhappy job to be successful in life and to move forward with their career.
Many of us today have had a job we absolutely hate and might be still stuck in that job. Once everyone reminds themselves of what their plans are in the future can help them move forward or deal with it in order to succeed. A positive attitude can always brighten a bad day at work to get things going good. When it comes to being patient it’s worth waiting because at the end of the tunnel there may be a reward waiting for those who are patient. These three factors I have mention can help everybody who wishes to be successful with their careers.

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