The Words Predator And Prey Paint Images Animals Essay example

The Words Predator And Prey Paint Images Animals Essay example

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The words predator and prey paint images animals. There are only two outcomes in the situation these words suggest. One animal will escape with its life, and one animal will go hungry, or one animal will have a meal, and one will make sacrifice its life for the other’s nourishment. Predator and prey can also describe the actions of people. There are some preconceptions of which people will play the role of predator and which will play the role of prey, men usually predator, and women usually prey, but in his play A Doll House Henrik Ibsen plays with these expectations, and depicts many different people taking on the roles of predator and prey in the society of 19th century Norway. Within A Doll House, Ibsen employs diminutive language, illness, character motivation, and the struggle to maintain status in society to portray women and men as both predator and prey and to show the predatory nature of the society in 19th century Norway and how those who cannot rise to behave how one is expected to behave in this society cannot exist within it.
Ibsen uses Nora as an example of a woman serving as the prey through the diminutive language Torvald uses to describe her. When Torvald calls out to Nora to talk about arrangements for Christmas, he says, “Is that my little lark twittering out there?” (Ibsen 2186). Torvald’s use animal names such as “lark” seem like normal pet names, but the effect of these names makes Nora seem small and non-threatening. Torvald does not realize that a predatory nature is necessary to survive within society, even for the women that on the surface need to appear as perfect submissive housewives. By the end of the play, when Nora is about to leave her family, Torvald tells her, “You’re safe here; I’ll keep you ...

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...ubmissive prey role through her husband’s and society’s wishes and expectations, which is is evident through her Torvald’s use of diminutive language as pet names, but Nora escapes this society when she leaves her family. Doctor Rank is weak both physically and morally, which means that he cannot survive within this strict society, so final breath arrives before the end of the play. Mrs. Linde desperately wants a life that is more comfortable and she is willing to prey off of Nora’s sympathies to get a job, but will still be cruel to Nora and let her secret out after she gets exactly the life she wants. Krogstad is trying to restore his stained reputation and will do it at any cost to other people and their families. The predators feed off the weak prey to gain the societal nourishment to flourish, and the prey leave the society, either by their own choice, or death.

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