Woolworths' Choice for Internal and External Communication Essay

Woolworths' Choice for Internal and External Communication Essay

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When studying communications one will realize that different companies or organizations communicate internally and externally with their different target audiences. Therefore, we are exposed to different kinds of corporate publications. These can be internal and/or external publications. Corporate publications intend to communicate or rather aim to convey certain messages to different messages to different target audiences. For example, internal publications are publications aimed for employees and stakeholders, whereas external publications are aimed to communicate with customers. Various companies consist of the company’s profile, corporate image, the business activities, recent marketing and advertising campaigns of the company, the social media and digital strategy and presence and online presence of the company.
The aim of this essay is to discuss the chosen, Woolworths as a company that encompasses the characteristics of internal corporate communication. Internal communication will be briefly discussed within a corporate company by describing and discussing the following aspects: company’s profile, corporate image, the business activities, recent marketing and advertising campaigns of the company, the social media l stand digital strategy and presence and online presence of the company.
In order to be able to discuss and describe the above mentioned aspects and to understand what internal media entails, I should firstly start by defining it: Internal media entails that the organization is responsible for the whole process and outcome (e.g. house journal, brochures, radio and TV). Effective internal communication is one of the enablers of employee engagement and thought to add fundamental value to organizations...

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...ding to Woolworths chief executive, Grant 0’ Brien, said having multi-channel services would provide more opportunities around customer convenience as well as more increased options. He believes it is about creating integration and increasingly finding out about the company’s valuable customers. The online platform enables customers to shop online (Herrick: 2011).

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