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Woodrow Wilson's Legacy Essay

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The word leadership can be defined as the action of leading a group of people or an organization. This word comes from the verb ‘to lead’, meaning to influence or induce, or to guide. As head of the country, the capability to lead, and to do so effectively plays a key part in the country’s opinion on the president during and after their term(s). The legacy left behind this leadership also plays a key role in its effectiveness. President Woodrow Wilson provides a primary illustration of this type of legacy. Though he achieved many goals throughout the course of his two-term presidency, the passing of the Federal Reserve Act was one of the fundamental events that occurred under his administration. It could be argued that Wilson’s signing of the Federal Reserve Act does not show effective leadership; however, his willingness to sign off on to a document with which he didn’t agree with personally shows his capability to put the country before himself, and make decisions that he believes will benefit the people, which can be considered an important quality of leadership. Woodrow Wilson’s signing of the controversial Federal Reserve Act can be considered a portrayal of effective leadership because the system that was created by the act erased the common status of economic instability present at the time, the act was still signed even though at the time more than half of the country disagreed with it, and the end results of his decision to sign the act left a legacy that has lasted until modern times.
To begin, before the creation of the Federal Reserve, a long lasting and efficient banking system in the United States did not exist. In 1791, the First Bank arises, and stands in history today as the first attempt at a national banking s...

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...s leadership was.

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