Woodrow Wilson : The Spokesman Of Wwi Essay examples

Woodrow Wilson : The Spokesman Of Wwi Essay examples

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“Woodrow Wilson: The Spokesman of WWI”

From 1913 to 1920 the president of the United States of America was held by a man named Woodrow Wilson. He too served as our political leader during the years of World War I. Wilson wanted to keep the United States neutral during the first couple years of the war, however his policies in defense which he believed to be American rights involved the U.S. in conflicts with the aggressive supremacies. To play the role of a political leader, Woodrow needed to act as a mediator or peacemaker in the unfolding events that were to come from the arrival of the First World War. Nevertheless he also wanted to avoid American military interference by all means. Woodrow Wilson would soon become an iconic figure during the war.

On December 28, 1856 in Staunton, Virginia, the son of a Presbyterian minister by the name of Woodrow Wilson was born. Wilson earned his education studying at Princeton and John Hopkins as both a lawyer and historian, he left his mark in the academic world as a college professor and as Princeton’s president before entering politics. In New Jersey Woodrow won govern ship of the state in 1910, and two years later was nominated as president of the United States. Wilson was part of the Democratic Party and during his term pushed for his own kind of progressivism, calling for improved governmental efforts to reinstate economic competition and security for the small producer and consumer. Before World War I, Woodrow created a program of domestic reform termed “The New Freedom” that, in theory, tried to limit dependence on executive agencies and to place a more coordinated legislative program among Congress and the presidency. The foreign policy mostly kept focus on issues and prob...

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...They note that Democratic president unkempt to bring leading Republicans senators with him to Europe to take part in the peace settlement talks. Wilson was also unsuccessfully able to cultivate public opinion sufficiently to accept his own kind of internationalism. Even though Wilson was blocked by opponents back at home, he tried to rally the American people. He had long been burdened by fragile health, in October 1919, his railroad tour of the United States led to a stroke and a whole physical collapse. The U.S. denied the Treaty of Versailles with Germany thus not joining the League of Nations. Woodrow Wilson’s hope that the war would lead to a world organization that included the United States of America were not realized. Woodrow remained invalid for the final year and a half of his term in office, and later passed away in Washington D.C., on February 3, 1924.

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