Essay Woodrow Wilson 's Theory Of Administration

Essay Woodrow Wilson 's Theory Of Administration

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Woodrow Wilson’s purpose in writing “The Study of Administration” is to bring awareness that the government systems in place need to be re-evaluated and improved. Wilson encourages we need to examine the history of administration set forth by others in determining certain needs to be accomplished in effective ways and methods. Wilson’s desirable outcomes for research within the public administration field are for government systems to become more productive and organized.

Main point, proposition, or thesis:

Wilson’s focused on the importance of the separation of public administration from the political ramifications. He articulates how colleges have recognized the need for in depth studies of public administration, apart from politics. Wilson implies that the science of administration should be explored and mastered in order for us to go forth and pursue changes and changes at a pace that will not be detrimental to previous systems in place. He wanted to see growth and development that of a business like structure with administration, which would hold the government more accountable when carrying out matters.

What are the major sub-divisions of the essay? (outline)
Wilson’s Major sub-divisions that he articulates on are:
I. “To take some account of what others have done in the same line: that is to say, of the history of study.”
(The science of administration-to study and investigate what others have previously studied and have accomplished in administrative roles.)
II. “To ascertain just what is its subject matter.”
(Administration is a field of business- looking at the importance of keeping the matter either politics and/or business.)
III. “To determine just what are the best methods by which to develop it, and the mo...

... middle of paper ...

...r our own. It is questionable why other governments have been more successful with certain matters than our own here in America. Wilson expresses relevant concerns and arguments that government systems should be further studied and improved as, it is crucial and ultimately beneficial to the nation and it’s systems.
How does this essay relate to others you have read?
Wilson shares a common viewpoint with the other essays and that is a change in our systems therefore, the need for further studies, as it is a necessity for improvement with government and administration systems as society continues to grow and complexities increase. Wilson’s and Frederick Taylor together understood that there is a science to leadership and management, what they believe that once studied and mastered administration, management, and government systems would progress and improve.

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