The Wonderful Works Of William Shakespeare Essay examples

The Wonderful Works Of William Shakespeare Essay examples

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A play - all about the wonderful works of William Shakespeare. Which is what the play was about for the most part, but in truth, the play felt like it was just a big joke and a waste of time to go see. And honestly, if I didn’t have to go see it for this class I probably would have left during intermission, if I had even had gone in the first place. Though I did find the play to be funny at parts, I also felt like it was making fun of who William Shakespeare was as a person and as a writing. I know that the three actors were putting on a play that was designed to, kind of, make fun of him, but I hadn’t expected such disrespect to William and to myself.
For one, the language was like, I had just stepped into a mixtape or album all about sexual action. Not only that, but it felt like it was making fun of females - in general. Just like a man to put a woman as someone that can’t do anything for herself. For instance, when the actors reenacted Romeo and Juliet, in many of scenes in this play the actors get carried away, with what I presume as his interruption of the play and how the act...

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