Essay on The Wonderful Opportunity Of Holden Village

Essay on The Wonderful Opportunity Of Holden Village

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When I was a child I set aside one week of my year. This week would be spend to escape the hassles of daily life and help me to reconnect to who I was. Each summer I would spend these days at a bible camp, away from my home and with people I had never met. I would go on adventures and meet wonderful people, all without the presence of modern technology. Reconnecting with God and myself felt wonderful and was a refreshing way to end my summer before heading back to school. When high school rolled around I attended for two additional years but then the outside world got ahold of me, forcing me away from the place I called my “second home”. Thankfully, college has brought me a second chance to rediscover myself with the wonderful opportunity of Holden Village.
When I first heard about Holden Village I was a senior in high school on a visit day to Augustana. After listening to my guide talk of Holden, I was astounded why anyone would want to go there. Spending more than a month without daily communication to the outside world at the time seemed insane. However, my perspective c...

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