Women's Value of Money Essay

Women's Value of Money Essay

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In our current society women have become a double edged sword. Beyond marrying and having children women have begun making huge advancements in their careers. The female society has grown strongly independent and competitive with men, and in many cases money lies at the center of this conflict. Women simply care just as much, if not more, about money when compared to men. Women are required to shop and spend more money on products in our society. Women have begun earning college degrees and entering high paying and competitive job fields while acting as the sole breadwinners of their families. Many women have now adopted a feminist attitude in which many young women now feel required to earn their own income. Due to the increasing changes in our society, women have grown to value money at a higher rate than men. Of course there are still some women in existence that would rather be housewives and stay-at-home moms, but this isn’t because they are “gold-diggers” or “moochers”, it’s because they would much rather stay home and focus on maintaining a level of comfort for her family.
One of the easiest examples of why money is more important to women than men is their shopping habits. Over the years it has been a running joke that women love to shop, and in essence this is true. However in all honesty, women and men make pretty equal purchase amounts. The difference is that women make these purchases more often than men (Hale). Throughout history women have always been known as caregivers. They are expected by society to have children and construct a family. Part of this responsibility is buying the everyday items the family uses. A married woman not only shops for herself, she also shops for her husband, children, relatives, friend...

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