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Women's Status in Islamic States Essay example

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Women in Middle East countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Libya, and Tunisia among others face and continue to encounter regular inequities in both law and social norms. A combination of both deeply rooted societal customs and traditional understanding of Islamic law (Sharia) continue to downgrade women to a subsidiary status. In this region, women are not represented in higher positions. They do not participate in political issues and in matters related to private sectors. In other countries, they appear nowhere in the judicial system. What can be said to reinforce this social stigma is the law, which in most of countries of the region reinforces male chauvinism. The husband is declared by this law as the leader of the family providing the husband with express authority over his wife’s rights. This subjects women to untold suffering and problems. However, over the last five years, notable progress have been recorded in the fight to improve the status of women raising great hope in women for brighter future.
Women in Islamic States
In these countries, there are sturdy Islamic movements inhibiting women rights. There are also social and cultural customs as well as ethnicity that shun women development siding with conventional laws those inhibit evolution in the direction of equality in both structures of law and society. Women in these countries experience rights denials those that are less or more related.
According to Farona (2011), women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to take photography in public, to drive vehicles or ride bicycles, and to mix with other men and women who are not related especially in public places. Moreover, they are exposed to gender isolation policies and are barred from attending physi...

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