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In ancient India, women occupied a very important position, a superior position to men. To understand the position of women in Hinduism, we must recognize the Hindu scriptures guidelines to a woman’s position in Hindu society, but fail to address some roles of a Hindu woman specifically. This vague generalization of a woman’s role in the religious spectrum leaves open interpretation for the woman. Conflict arises when women are criticized by men, for the way they interpret the guidelines. Critically, we begin with the Hindu scriptures, because it is the heart and source of their cultural norms which can be perceived as an expression of the perceptions of the way of life. Scriptures of Hinduism hold the highest authority towards women roles and more importantly their obedience to their husbands. Laws enforced by the community; proves the husband’s absolute power over his wife. Despite the fact that the most powerful gods and goddesses of the Hindu religion are women, women in the society are expected to fill subservient roles to men. In this paper I will discuss the spiritual and cultural disconnect, answering the question why women are made to be obedient in spite of the spiritual hierarchy and why women continue to be subservient. These pivotal elements of obedience rose from a patriarchal society that deems women as subservient role.
If Hindu scriptures can be perceived as the highest authority, what are the scriptures views on the position of women? The scripture states that although there are no spiritual differences of men and women, there are also no spiritual differences of men and women. Women have the same religious and spiritual freedoms in Hinduism as men. However, the status of women has been affected by other ...

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...ful. The concern of protecting family honor must be appropriately examined. As husbands realize the importance of honoring their wives, maintaining prosperity, structural family alliances and public acknowledgement, wives also acknowledge the same importance, but in the concept of obedience” (Derne, 208, 211-212).
India as an ethnically diverse society has religious, cultural, and social patterns of everyday Hindu life that must be adhered to. Ongoing movements within the culture still portray women as “good obedient wives”. Trained in submissiveness and nobility, the natures of obedience in marriages continue beyond death of your spouse. Traditions and rituals are not expected to change because Hindu marriage traditions are embedded at the early stages of life, and the patriarchal ideology continues to dominate the woman confining her to family” (Kosambi WS-38).

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