Women´s Role in Litetraute Essay

Women´s Role in Litetraute Essay

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Now in our society, women are always involved in many important events or issues. As we can see on the news that there are many women joining global decision making conference, for example, Global Health Conference, The United Nations Conference on Environment and Development, etc. Women can make decision and the representative for the country. Just like Michelle Obama, The First Lady of United State, she can follow Obama to nearly all of the business trip or conference trip. She can talk to the First Lady in that country or the resident of that city. She can really help her husband and improve the image of the country. Not only United State, many president from other countries would like to bring their wife with him and help him out, this can make the world also concern more about It means that women is getting more and more powerful in the world, even can make decision and lead the world different. All the reading materials in our class show that women have power, but most of them still need to rely on men, women can now be independent. From the first material The Epic of Gilgamesh to Inferno, women’s power and roles is getting stronger and more important.
For the Aeneid, Virgil mentioned different people (gods, goodness, women, and mortal men) role that live in Aeneas. Each character has their own specific part for the impersonal fate staying in Aeneas. There are a few women in these characters. In the Aeneas life, women did play an important role. Like Venus, Lavinia, Penelope, and Juno, they can affect the good and bad of Aeneas directly. They are all depicted in negative way; we can see how women can affect heroes. In fact, mortal women or immortal women in the poem seemed destined unreasonable depicted in negative way, m...

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...ioned that women have their own role and responsibility but they do not really have right to speak in public or do what they want because the different mind of the society at that time. Unlike what I mentioned at the beginning of this essay, which women can speak and represent for their country. Men in the past still think women are kind of useless and they are only used for reduce men’s pressure. As time goes by, people minds are changing. Women are getting respect from others and have their own rights. Women can rule many things now and not useless at all, most people agrees with this statement in this 20th century. Which means they can even rule a country and can make many important decisions even affect the world. For the power and role of women can be greater in the future. Unless, compare to the women in the history, women will getting more powerful for sure.

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