Women’s Rights Violations in Afghanistan Essay

Women’s Rights Violations in Afghanistan Essay

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Ever since the Taliban took over they have been violating the rights of their people especially the women. If seen anywhere alone or uncovered the women get punished usually either getting beat or held captive. This is very common for the women in Afghanistan to experience. The Taliban uses the Islamic Koran book as their way of doing things. The Islamic Koran is a sacred book seen as almost like a bible. The Taliban interprets what they get out of this book into their way of life. However their interpretation of it is more of a punishing form for the women. The official name of Afghanistan is the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Afghanistan is known for its great quantity of natural resources such as coal, oil, gas, and extreme amount of opium. Twenty years of war has impacted Afghanistan dramatically, people hurt and dead due to all the war landmines women and children dying and girls prohibited from going to school (Strong). The Taliban is well known for causing chaos and destruction within their own territory. Threatening and making people fear them are their best tactics to get what they want. They even went as far as almost bombing the capital Kabul if the president did not surrender his forces against the Taliban (Kelley). We should care about Afghanistan because the Taliban uses various ways to violate the human rights of women in Afghanistan including rape, beatings, and the prohibiting of being able to go to school.
In Afghanistan they rape women. If the women go against any of the rules or laws of the Koran they get severely punished including being raped. The Taliban guards are present everywhere even in medical facilities and if not covered up well enough the women get raped. Imagine being a female needing to visit ...

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... consider about what is happening in Afghanistan.

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