Women’s Rights: A Path into the Society to Achieve Social Liberation Essay

Women’s Rights: A Path into the Society to Achieve Social Liberation Essay

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Society has violated females’ privacy for thousands of years. The violations have crossed relational, physical, spiritual, sexual and emotional borders of women and girls’ privacy and privileges. Furthermore, women hold almost 52 percent of all professional-level jobs; however, American women stay behind men when it comes to their representation in leadership positions. The last decades of the 20th century women’s professional advancement slowed down, narrowing the percentage of women in management jobs. Philosophers like Plato and the ancient cynics have tried to advocate in favor of women. Yet, society has given more attention to the feminist’s political rights than the actual feminist’s social rights as the ones that women should enjoy on their work environment; although achieving equal political rights for women is a necessary condition for women to succeed, it is not sufficient to cover the gender break in leadership and management positions. It would not be sufficient because women’s oppression under male domination does not consist only in depriving women of political and legal rights, it also extends into the arrangement of our society and our culture.
In this paper I will try to show that American women lack of representation in leadership and management positions in the employment industries. As a philosophy scholar and writer Susan James notes, Feminism is defined as “the belief that women are oppressed or disadvantaged by comparison with men, and their oppression is illegitimate or unjustified” (qtd. in Haslanger). Feminism cannot be defined only as a political program or compilation of laws because it is way more than only political affiliations. Sexism has not only dominated women in the political reality, but also ...

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