Essay about Women’s Right to Abort

Essay about Women’s Right to Abort

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In the United States, abortion is a very controversial topic throughout various groups of people. These people either support pro-life or pro-choice. Pro-life is the belief that an unborn fetus should not suffer the pain of abortion while pro-choice supporters believe that women should have the choice to abort their unborn child and do as they wish with their body. In Texas, the bill H.B. No. 2364 also known as the Preborn Pain Act, and sponsored by Governor Rick Perry, was passed to prohibit an abortion of an unborn child twenty weeks after fertilization to avoid the fetus feeling pain. Republicans not only are in favor of this bill, but also introduced it. Under Libertarian beliefs, the Preborn Pain Bill will poorly affect the economy and will interfere with many parents’ pro-choice ideals, because keeping a baby may lead to poor living standards.
The Preborn Pain Bill was written by Laubenburg and first introduced on March 5, 2013. The reasons for putting forth this bill was so that women would not abort an unborn child that could feel pain just because the parents did not want a baby or couldn’t afford the baby with the current economy. Recent studies have shown that twenty weeks after fertilization, a fetus will start to have feelings such as pain. This bill would still allow an abortion to be done as long as the doctor thinks that the unborn baby will feel no pain. The problem with this bill is that any doctor can just say that the baby would feel pain and would refuse to approve an abortion. Many doctors in Texas that are pro-life may not proceed with allowing an abortion because of their own beliefs. They may steer clear of even bringing up the option of an abortion and will only suggest adoptions and pro-life alternat...

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