Essay about Women´s Responsibility in the Military: The Right to Fight

Essay about Women´s Responsibility in the Military: The Right to Fight

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Women’s Responsibility in the Military-The Right to Fight
Many women around the world have big responsibilities in the military, and although some people may disagree, I believe they can handle anything a man can handle when it comes to being on the battlefield. Some people think that women should not be able to fight in the military, where as other people think they should be able to fight in the military. Each supporter and non-supporter has their own reasons. Some of the reasons for the non-supporters are because of their gender. They think that because they are women, they cannot handle the challenges that being on the battlefield brings. Women are willing to fight, and they know what can happen, they know exactly what can happen. They are willing to fight for their country, and I believe they should be able to. The men that fight for our country are against women fighting in combat. They believe that women are not capable of doing what they do to defend and fight for our country. The men feel that they cannot trust women to help back them up at war simply because of the fact that they are women.
There are some opponents of the ban of women fighting in combat that say that having women and men together in war may lead to women accusing the men of sexual harassment, and it can happen, and it has before. All women that fight in war claim that it is a problem happening persistently, not stopping. It happened to a female soldier in the navy. She claimed she was being sexually harassed by shipmates. She reported one man that just would not stop harassing her and then she waited for him to be brought to justice. Some people say that they have seen commanders “look away” when women reported being sexually harassed, meaning that ...

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...s military and they have been for a long time, so why not just make it official that women are allowed to serve in war? Our president influences the decision of women in war. He made the statement “Today every American can be proud that our military will grow even stronger, with our mothers, wives, sisters and daughters playing a greater role in protecting this country we love." The meaning of this is women play very important roles in the military, and they are the reason our military is growing stronger. The pentagon will lift the1994 ban officially in 2016. They are giving it three more years because it takes time for final decisions to be made, although little decision have been made since 1994 and the ban is getting lifted more and more each year. Soon women will officially be allowed to serve in the military, and have thousands of front line jobs open to them.

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