Women's Movement in Canada

Women's Movement in Canada

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I chose to do my research the women's movement in Canada. Canada was said to be one of the first countries where the development of women's movement and feminist politics had first evolved at. Since Canada is part of North America and very close to the United States, their views on women rights are quite similar. However, there are numerous ways they handle it differently from us.

Sexuality in Canada has been a huge battle for women, especially in the 1990's. Instead of sexuality being a personal issue to some people, it became a huge political problem for the whole country. There were issues involved equality rights for the lesbian community and the rights for same sex couples to get married. In both the United States and Canada, a majority of people see sexuality as negative, instead of positive. Although, most people have learned to just accept it. They both feel the need to educate people on making the right choices no matter what they race, gender, or sexuality is. Researchers are trying to promote these issues in a positive manner by the sharing of the knowledge of that in terms of a woman's attitude or behavior, they are going to feel and think in different ways than the others. Everyone is their own person, and we instead of trying to change their sexuality, we should just accept it.

Misogyny and sexual violence in Canada has increased over the years. Even though misogyny in Canada have a completely different concept than it did back in the older generations. Usually back in the day, women were not respected in the ways they are now. They were never saw as equal to men, which is also called gender discrimination. Currently, women hatred and misogyny are usually expressed through rape or through violence. Even though this was a part of the past also, the numbers of rape and violence to women has largely increased in Canada. This is similar to the United States as well, even though statistics on the Nation Master website says that Canada has it worse. Lesbians and transgenders in Canada experience the most misogyny from anyone. There are usually a huge amount of hatred towards them from religious and nonreligious people.

Abortion is a national issue, but in Canada they handle things differently. Although abortion is legal in Canada, there are so many barriers that can restrict the access to women having abortions.

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There are a lot of pro-life and anti-choice doctors located in Canada who refuse to give abortions to women. There were also reports of doctors lying to patients in order to stall the abortion process. The manipulation makes the women change their mind about their own choice and continue with the pregnancy. I think that if a woman is raped and her own life is put at risk, it is not the doctor choice to make for them. Most doctors in the United States probably wouldn't get away with this kind of manipulation, and that is what make us different from them. However, it is a terribly difficult process for women of both countries.

These public debates are usually dominated by men or overly religious people, but the women in Canada are handling it fairly well. They have demonstrated that they can speak out very well with the issues at hand by sharing their experiences in order to get equality. Just like the women in the United States, they also have strong women rights programs that usually focus on the demands on working women and poor women. The culture and the way they handle things may be a little different from us, but in general, they fight for the same rights most women across the world has fought for. Being a woman is never easy, but our support for each other and being a strong individual is what keeps the women's movements alive.

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