Women's Lack of Rights in Other Countries Essays

Women's Lack of Rights in Other Countries Essays

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Here in America women have many rights. Unfortunately in other countries, they do not. When i was a little girl, i dreamed. I dreamed of being many things. A writer,a teacher, a dentist, and much more. I never thought anyone would tell me different from what dreams I already had planned for myself. Here in America, we can pretty much choose what we want to be. That is, if we get an education. Many Arab women don’t even get to step outside of their own home. We are lucky to have what we have. most people don’t even understand the struggle of being a women in certain countries. Have you ever wondered about that? You should because it is a serious issue many are trying to resolve. women Women should have more rights than they do now in other Countries, their worths are equal to that of men.

In Saudi Arabia Women are banned from driving without their husband’s consent. Whatever their husbands say they must, they have to follow orders,or they will face brutal consequences. if women take the bus or ride with someone, they must ride in the back. In Yemen, women can’t even leave the house without their husbands. Many women fight for just the simple right to be able to go to school.Sadly, Women not being able to get an education isn’t the only right they do not have but need to receive. “One afternoon in Cairo this summer, a young woman was brutally gang-raped in a crowd. Stumbling, badly hurt, into a subway station in search of help, she was subjected to humiliating examinations at the hands of skeptical authorities. Later, she would be beaten once more by her own "dishonored" family.” In Egypt, 99.35% of women are Sexually abused. In China, the three words, “It’s a girl are often perceived as sadness.” Women have some rights th...

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... hope.
Women are worth something in this world, they should not be treated the way they are in certain countries. American women should be very appreciative of the freedom they have because in different countries, it’s a whole different story. We appreciate women like Malala Yousafzai, who stand up for the rights she wants to receive instead of being walked all over on by the taliban and men around them. Women in America proved they were strong by helping tremendously during the civil war. They proved a point that Men could not do it all without the help of a woman somehow, someway. We gained our rights and opened up the eyes of our fellow citizens that women are important! The Arab and chinese women will one day gain the rights we have now in America. Women should have many more rights than they have now in other countries , their worths are equal to that of men.

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