Essay about Women The Object Of Your Eye

Essay about Women The Object Of Your Eye

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Women-The Object of Your Eye
In 1972, John Berger, author of The Ways of Seeing, constructed the idea that men were objectifying women in a majority of old European oil paintings. According to Berger, when men started observing women like this, so did the women. Berger states that “men look at women. Women watch themselves being looked at. This determines not only most relations between man and woman but also the relation of women to themselves” (47). This means that even though men objectify women, most women also objectify themselves. Even though this argument was made in 1972, it is still very valid in 2015. Women are still being objectified in today’s ads and especially in today’s society. The creators of these European oil paintings would objectify women in many ways such as making her identity not necessary, making her please the outside viewer, or making her submissive to the male in the ad. You can pick out almost any ad in any magazine and part of Berger’s concepts will be proven.
The idea that women in ads today are solely here for the viewer is found on every page. In an ad for a Calvin Klein fragrance, we see a young man and woman lying in the sand at what seems to be a beach. The woman is lying down on top of the man. The man is focused on the woman and he is kissing her forehead, but the woman’s gaze is directed toward the person who is viewing the ad. Ever since Berger stated that “her body is arranged the way it is to display it to the man looking at the picture. This picture is made to appeal his sexuality. It has nothing to do with her sexuality” (pg), it has been clear that when a woman is looking out towards the viewer that she is there for that person. Berger argues that the viewer can classify with the mal...

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.... People also think that if they buy the object that is being sold in the ad, then they might get a woman’s attention. They also think when they buy the object, then they might get a woman’s attention. When they buy the object, they think about what the woman in the ad can do for them, not what the object can do for them. The way the world, men and women, objectify women is unbelievable. A woman’s face can be covered up, she can be turned into the object being sold, or she can just be a pair of legs. A woman is never supposed to be seen as an object, but in these ads she is. These ads are a good representation of how our society thinks and acts today. If people do not start seeing women for who they are and for more of their ideas and personality, such you would do for a normal person, then more and more women are going to be judged the way they always have been.

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