Essay about Women 's Women During The Chinese Culture

Essay about Women 's Women During The Chinese Culture

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he act of “footbinding” in China was a grotesque mutilation of the foot as well as an act to disempower women and enforce the concept of female chastity. Although horrific, Chinese women participated in this act for one thousand years. Deeply rooted in tradition, young girls were required to participate or face uncertain futures. The first documented cases of foot binding in the Chinese culture originated between the T’ang and Sung Dynasties (907-959 A.D.). Due to the Chinese society being predominantly patriarchal and patrilineal, Chinese women experienced disempowering acts that restrained their bodies and minds. Foot binding represented the symbol of beauty, femininity, and womanhood. Chinese men subjected women to the atrocious acts of footbinding to demoralize and reduce their social position. To acquire power, women would have to endure acts Gender stratification in early Chinese dynasties, was inspired by the writings of Confucius. Confucius defined the gender hierarchy in terms of how women are subordinate to men. This is evident in his own writings. He states “It is not pleasing to have to do with women or people of base condition. If you show them too much affection, they become too excited, and if you keep them at a distance, they are full of resentment.” Confucius defined gender expectations and a social hierarchy that condemned women to a misogynist ideology. Footbinding, concubines, and objectification defined womanhood in China. It was through these experiences…….
Emperor Li Yu is recognized for the implementation of footbinding as a beautification standard. Emperor Li Yu was inspired by his favorite courtesan Yao-niang. The delicateness of dancing on her toes seduced Emperor Li Yu. Entrance...

... middle of paper ..., and souls. “The tyrannical power of the Confucian system of ideas” inherently excused the sexual and social injustices women would face. Unfortunately it is through these injustices that femininity would be defined.
Social injustices within Chinese society would define women …. Confucianism established the base as to how women would be revered and treated. Chinese society was based on male dominance and female subordination. This patriarchy and gender stratification defined womanhood and feminism. Women would adhere to mutilation and depravity to achieve beauty and the potential of social mobility within their designated classes. Women in early China are often depicted as being weak, powerless, and subordinate.
The manifestation of footbinding became a societal norm and standards for beauty. Normalizing footbinding as a customary in society

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