Women 's Violence As A Crime Against Heterosexual Women Essay

Women 's Violence As A Crime Against Heterosexual Women Essay

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“Typically, domestic violence has been considered a crime against heterosexual women. Yet, an increasing number of research studies have validated that women perpetrate violence as often as men in intimate relationships” (Russell 145). In an article written by Mark Mahnkey, he presents a story that describes the inaccuracy of how domestic violence disputes are handled within the courts. He writes, “A judge in New Mexico granted a restraining order against David Letterman for sending messages over the television to a woman in that state. The judge was quoted as saying, “if they fill out the paperwork correctly, I always grant the restraining order” (Mahnkey ¶7). This serves as an example for poor investigation of the situation. One could ask, why waste time in investigating when it is apparent that the man is the offender?
Over the years, there have been false allegations made by women against their husbands or boyfriends, which in turn causes a number of mishaps for both them and the family as a whole. SAVE reports,
“False allegations are seen under both civil and criminal law. Under civil law, 2–3 million restraining orders for partner abuse are issued each year, of which the majorities are false, trivial, or unnecessary. Under criminal law, about one million persons are arrested each year for intimate partner violence but only 33% of such arrests result in a conviction revealing that hundreds of thousands of persons are wrongfully incarcerated each year”(SAVE 1).
In reference to that, “Persons who make baseless accusations are seldom subject to legal sanctions. Casey Gwinn, a San Diego prosecutor and national authority on domestic violence, admits, “If we prosecuted everybody for perjury that gets on a witness...

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...perpetrators of this crime can very well be a woman. Women are not exempt from getting angry, and a woman is not exempt from fighting another woman so what makes them exempt from hitting a man? We must remember that the crime is committed by the person and not the gender.
Secondly, we must offer help with open arms. No one should have to deal with this alone and neither should they be ridiculed for showing respect. Service providers will have to do a better job at being unbiased and upholding the ethical standards of their job. Thirdly, these men need examples. After the world accepts that this is not just a “woman’s issue” men who have gotten help can help and encourage those in need.
Intimate partner violence against men is just as important as it is when the victim is a woman which would also suggest that the punishment and treatment for IPV should be equal.

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