Women 's Unfair Treatment Of Women Essay

Women 's Unfair Treatment Of Women Essay

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Throughout ancient times and even recent times, women weren 't always treated equally or fairly by men. A good example of women 's unfair treatment is presented in "The Iliad of Homer". Men ruled and made all the decisions and choices, while women weren 't as important. Women had no voice or action. Women were treated like materials and were even traded as such. Women were disposable and only useful when they needed to be by the men. Although at times the women in the Iliad were fought for and considered prized, they were still looked down on and unappreciated, because they were treated like objects, were looked at materialistically and as trophies, and their voices and actions had no value or importance.
First, the women in the Iliad were looked down on and unappreciated due to them being taken advantage of and taken for granted. In the Iliad, women were like objects. They were traded between men and fought for between men. They had no say or desire in what or where they wanted to go or be, or who they wanted to be with for that fact. One example of this is shown in Book 1 of the Iliad, lines 322-325, where it states, "Go now to the shelter of Peleus ' son Achilleus, to bring lady Briseis of the fair cheeks leading her by hand. And if he will not give her, I must come in person and take her." In this quote it shows Agamemnon, who was the chief leader of the Achians, telling his men to go and take back Briseis, who was won as a prize to Achilleus, who was the leader of the Myrmidons. In order to appease Agamemnon, Achilleus gives up Briseis and soon after withdraws from the battle. Briseis doesn’t say a word when she is forced to go back to Agamemnon, even though it is against her wishes. This further proves the point of wome...

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...ook place. Even the regular mortal women can be argued important by just being fought for countlessly by the men around them. Even though the mortal women had no other value than their beauty, their beauty alone was enough reason for all the men wanting them and prizing them as trophies.
Indeed, while the women in the Iliad were at times fought for and considered prized, they were still looked down on and unappreciated throughout the books. No matter the situation or circumstance, women were always treated the same way throughout the Iliad, unheard. Would it have made a difference if women were given more power or voice? Would they have still been fought over and taken over by men as much if they did? Men controlled the world so much, the answer could never be clear, at least for the ancient world it couldn’t. In conclusion, Trophies will always be just trophies.

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