Women 's Talk Too Much By Janet Holmes Essay

Women 's Talk Too Much By Janet Holmes Essay

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A widely accepted myth that we all might hear everyday or might even think we experience is women do all the talking. In different languages around the world, there are many different sayings that say women talk too much. Myth 6, “Women Talk Too Much”, by Janet Holmes addresses the question if women are the ones who take up all the talking time or is this just a myth? I will address the main ideas and my reaction about Myth 6.

Myth 6
Researchers by the name of Deborah James and Janice Drakich reviewed sixty-three studies and found out that this is the exact opposite. Sixty-one of the sixty-three studies show that men are the ones who are actually doing most of the talking. The study was comparing American men and women in different context. Even though this study was conducted of American men and women. Studies conducted in different countries like New Zealand and England also similar findings. There is also a lot of evidence that shows that this language behaviour starts early and that males in the classroom are the ones doing most of the talking. As we see the myth is actually much different than the reality. Many might think that this might be biologically but in reality there is no evidence that says males are less disciplined than females. As we see the main reason is probably due to the social factors. The research in the classroom shows that the higher the social status or power correlates with talking. The studies show the ones who talk the most in the classroom are the teachers and after that is the males. The reason for this is the boys may be trying to claim a higher status by taking over the talking when it is time for the students to discuss and talk. This type of finding seems to also be the same wh...

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...ter honestly will helped me get rid of many assumptions I 've always had. I will also try to ensure all my students have the social confidence in my classroom and try to help all students contribute to the discussions.

Overall this chapter explains how it is a myth to say women speak more than men. To answer the question who speaks more we just need to look at the different context or social factors. When it has to do with power or influence and a more formal setting, we know that men are the main talkers. When it has to do with fostering relationships and in a more private, and relaxed setting, women are more comfortable speaking. As a husband and a teacher, my reaction to this article is very similar to the findings in the different studies. It is important for me as a teacher to provide all students with the best context for all students to prosper.

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