Women 's Studies : Women, Gender, And Feminism Essay

Women 's Studies : Women, Gender, And Feminism Essay

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Women 's Studies
Women’s studies is defined as, “an interdisciplinary academic field developed to topics concerning women, gender, and feminism.”(Susan M. Shaw, Janet Lee 1) This is a text taken from Women’s Voices Feminist Visions but, I believe women’s studies is learning and understanding of how women are treated and affected in everyday life because of their race, ethnicity, class, age, and sexuality.
It is important to educate boys and girls on women’s studies because we are still living in a man’s world and no one should settle with mistreatment. The phrase, living in a man’s world, can also be translated as patriarchal system. In Women’s Voices Feminist Visions a patriarchal system is defined as, “a system where men and masculine bodies dominate because power and authority are in the hands of adult men.” (Susan M. Shaw, Janet Lee 7). Women’s studies is also one of the best ways to speak about sexism. Sexism is stereotyping, discrimination, and being prejudice against someone, usually a woman, based on their sex. Together, patriarchy and sexism are both issues that are tackled through feminism, now let me explain it’s two parts. First, it is to create equality and justice for all which shows why it counteracts patriarchy. Second, feminism celebrates woman and all their achievements, so with this how can there be any sexism? Showing more feminism is world would impact the lives of men and women.
Women’s Studies pertains to my life because I am a woman and I should be seen as equal to men. My daughter and daughter’s daughter should be treated with respects and valued. With my knowledge of feminism strengthened through the study of women I will be able to share what I have learned and influence others positively.

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...Pay Act. Finally the last part of the gender gap is the discrimination against women and other marginalized workers. This means that people have negative assumptions of woman and it hinders them from getting a good job.
The pay gap between men and women is large enough, but becomes even bigger when you take into account the race and ethnicity of women. Being a woman is hard enough and if you don 't fit in that small box of standards that makes it even harder to be given and opportunity. Elderly woman are most likely to be poor because as we get older the few cents that separate what men and women are payed start to add up and really affect them, it is also the combination that they are living longer and the higher rates on health insurance. There needs to be a change in the workplace so the woman can be completely be treated as equals and live without constant fear.

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