Essay on Women 's State Of Mind

Essay on Women 's State Of Mind

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It 's common to see advertisements with naked women, and guys dressed up,
nevertheless, all of them have particular stories behind them. In this advertisement, there are two
wealthy men on vacation, running away from their ordinary stressful lives. The men are smiling,
creating an impression that the beer and two women are helping them diminish reality.
The advertisement displays a shiny sky , dark clouds and a vividly colored rainbow upon
women affecting the men’s state of mind. The clouds are dark symbolizing the men’s torturous
lives. The women’s beauty and might are symbolized by the rainbow and rain. Since the women
are strangely located underneath the rainbow, it made me believe it’s giving a message to society
that men can easily use women for pleasure. In our society, most men fantasize women to
pleasure them, feeling pleasured brings them happiness. This is an uuimplication since women
are being used as an object progressively. A woman 's role is to satisfy men at all times. A man 's
role includes being treated like a king, obtaining anything they need and desire. Since a lot of
people thinks this way already the advertisement makes it worse by setting a bad example to
young people viewing this advertisement. If the advertisement was to demonstrate a different
message, some people would be persuaded by it.

The gender identity displayed in this advertisementportrays a “man 's confidence”. The
advertisement expresses this with the face expressions of the models and text. Men have
confidence when they are drinking with other men surrounded by unfamiliar naked women. An
image came into my head that the guy with the striped shirt was saying “yeah, man this is life” to
the guy next to him. Other than that the man’s smile is...

... middle of paper ...

...ure resembling a pot of gold under the rainbow. As everyone knows a pot of gold
symbolizes success. It gives a message that women feel successful by satisfying men. In order
to have fortune, they trade their bodies for wealth.
In conclusion, the main message in this advertisement states that men have more power
than women, but females are making it easier by embracing their bodies in the wrong manner.
Women tend to utilize their bodies to satisfy men more than to satisfy themselves. The more
power men obtain throughout society the less value that women have towards themselves.
Advertisements of this sort influence viewers to have the same mindset as everyone else. It’s
trouble-free for men to find happiness, they can just search for any women they desire. Women
are used for man’s happiness. Society would be very different if women didn’t let men used
them so easily.

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