Essay on The Women 's Room By Marilyn Finch

Essay on The Women 's Room By Marilyn Finch

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During the junior year of my high school, I somewhat became aware of Women’s Right Issues. I have made an effort to evaluate majority of the culture standard that I had previously taken in as the “untaught order of items.” Picking up and reading a book called The Women’s Room has taken me to a whole new direction in enlarging my knowledge of the female soul involved in women’s creative writing. Reading The Women’s Room left me in a stage where I seemed to find myself cry, laugh, feeling puzzled, and often, feeling livid and confused.
Marilyn Finch is the author of the book The Women’s Room. Finch illustrates the lives of a couple women from the time period of the 1950’s (also known as the baby boom) and the time period goes on until this present day. These women they either go off to college and then they decide to get married, or majority of the women they decided to get married in the absence of even caring about the display of college, after all, they do know that college is the only way of finding an economical promising husband. In this present day most females continue their education after receiving their degree right after high school, not often do we see females starting their lives in the husband and wife role where the husband is expected to work and financially support the family, while the wife is expected to maintain the house organized, cook and take care of the children. I remember when I read the book, Mira, who was the main character would roughly ponder why she is not happy cooking pot roast, cleaning majority of the time and getting on her knees to scrub the floors continuously, not to mention changing dirty diapers of her two children at the time when they were infants and of course picking up the dry clea...

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I can honestly say after reading the book, my relationship with my mom has developed even more and I have also created a much stronger relationship with her because in the past I remember when she would invite me to go to the movies I would always reject her invitation and hang out with my friends instead or she would invite me to go get dinner and yet again I would still reject the invite, but after all those rejections she would still ask me to go out have a mother daughter day and I finally learned to accept her invites by bringing me much closer than I ever thought.
Reading how Mira was and how her lifestyle and choices were made as a female has truly changed the way I perceive about myself, my emotions and the love of my mom, and how it has also given me a much more fragile perspective regarding the lives of numerous women in our society until this day.

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