Women 's Roles Within The Community Essay

Women 's Roles Within The Community Essay

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1. Pastoral societies were the first type of community and they were based upon hunting animals and the gathering of crops. Women had three main roles within the community.
The first role they played was to help hunt and gather food for the community. At the start of the time of people starting to live together, there was not any job specializations so everyone, including women, had to pitch in for the community to survive.
The second and most important role they played was in the religious aspect. The women acted as a Shaman which was almost like the priest of the village. This is evident because archeologist found statues carved in the form of women. This evidence proved that women were equals within the community and were held in equal regard to the men.
The third role was to continue the existence of the community. Women were the only ones who were able to bear and have a child. This was important because to continue the community, the population had to keep growing in order to feed and support the others. This was evident as an important aspect of the community because artifacts were dug up which showed an exaggerated female form with big breasts and hips. These statues showed the high status of women and what they found important in a female.
Pastoral societies were unique as they did not oppress women and everyone pitched in no matter what the job entailed. It was also important to note that females were held in an equal or even higher regard than men.

2. Family and lineage was a very complicated story in historic Asia. The inheritance was equally distributed between all siblings within the family. This would cause major issues if there were females born into the family. There was some major problems involving inherita...

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... They found these topics to be much easier and important to write about than what a women was supposed to be doing inside the house. They did not find that birth was very pretty or important so they just omitted it from the history that they wrote about.
Another reason that women were left out of early written history is that men were the only ones able to read and write. If a men wrote about how his wife cleaned the house and took care of the children, he would be seen as weak because he is not writing about his achievements in hunting or architecture.
It was not until later when women finally got the opportunity to read and write. The women then wrote about the history of what they accomplished both inside and outside of the household. Previous to this time period, the history of women was either passed down from the elders of the village or completely omitted.

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